Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yummy Sweet Potato Puree

With Thanksgiving only a couple of months away and a new diet regimen to follow, I have been trying to find some recipes that have fewer calories and are not on my "Foods to Avoid" list.  One of the dishes I typically serve at Thanksgiving is a sweet potato casserole that probably has as many calories in one serving as the average complete meal.   This recipe has been a staple on our holiday table for decades, so if I am going to replace it, it better be with something good!

Enter Martha Rose Shulman and her Sweet Potato Puree recipe.  When the family got together a couple of weeks back, I whipped this up and asked for permission to use it in place of our traditional sweet potato dish.  Thumbs up all around!

Made with fresh sweet potatoes, apples, honey and just a little butter to keep it interesting, this is a truly healthy alternative to the sweet potato casseroles of days gone by.

Give it a try!

In good health...

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  1. What a great-looking recipe! I can't wait to try it! Thanks.