Monday, April 1, 2013

The Sky Broke Open in My Heart!

There's a new blogger on the block!

A number of years back, when my daughter was in high school, she came to me and said she wanted to write children's books.  I, like so many parents before me, asked her what she planned to do for a day job.  Since then she has accomplished many things, has a great "day job" and has made me extremely proud.

She is also an accomplished writer, which comes in handy at work, but she has rarely practiced this craft in a freelance fashion.  That all changed last week when she sent me a link via Facebook to her new blog.

I invite you to read her first post on Limestone Breeze.  It is a post that explores faith and organized religion and the struggles many of us have in coming to terms with the complexity of it all.  It's a great read!

One proud Mama

1 comment:

  1. Oh my
    cannot find the right words
    of how great this is.
    I am mom of a writer and know how proud you
    are of your daughter.
    Also a new subscriber to your sharing.
    I am one that this did not really bother me
    until age 75 - guess I am lucky
    but miss my nonstop energy and being able to
    enjoy the different flavors that I eat.
    Now tired a lot, food has no taste and long
    nights of aching.
    Enough said...